Purchase Tickets

    Tickets on sale in September for 2019-2020 Season

    Tickets for the Interconnected and Community Concerts are on-line and may be made at any time before the concert (just show your digital or hard copy receipt at the door to use as your ticket).  Tickets may also be purchased at the venue the day of the show, starting an hour before the performance.

    Tickets for concerts at the Downtown Concerts are available on the MYS website until midday the last weekday before the concert. After that time, you will need to purchase your tickets on the Portland5 website or at the door of the venue on the night of the event.

    2019-2020 Ticket Prices

    Single Tickets for Schnitzer 
    $43Dress Circle (no discount)
    $29Mezz C/D (students & seniors $20)
    $27Mezz B/E, Mezz A/F (students & seniors $19)
    $26Orch B & C rows E-T (students & seniors $18)
    $15All other Orch (students & seniors $11)
    Single Tickets for Newmark
    $381st Balcony Boxes, 1st Balcony A & B (no discount)
    $29Orchestra C-H (students & seniors $20)
    $281st Balcony C-H, Orchestra A-B, J-K (students & seniors $20)
    $262nd Balcony Rows A-E, Orchestra L-O (students & seniors $18)
    $162nd Balcony Boxes, 2nd Balcony Rows F & G (students & seniors $11)
    Season Tickets for the Schnitzer Only
    $103/NADress Circle
    $70/49Mezzanine C & D
    $65/45Mezz B/E, Mezz A/F
    $62/44Orchestra B & C, Rows E-T
    $36/25All other Orchestra

    Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Seating Chart

    Schnitz seating chart_1000

    Newmark Seating Plan PCPA Color (1)_small

    Newmark Theatre Seating Chart



    Arts for All at Metropolitan Youth Symphony

    Metropolitan Youth Symphony is proud to participate in the Arts for All program! Participants can redeem up to 4 tickets to any of our performances for only $5 per ticket.

    Q. Who can buy $5 tickets?
    A. Anyone who qualifies for and has a valid Oregon Trail Card. $5 tickets are valid for use only by the individual holding the Oregon Trail Card, plus his/her guest(s). Any resale of tickets, or purchase of tickets for non-qualifying individuals may result in ineligibility to purchase tickets using the Arts for All program in the future.

    Q. Where do I get $5 tickets?
    A. Tickets must be purchased in person at the MYS Office in advance or at the box office within the 90-minutes before showtime. Check concert listings for office and box office locations.

    Q. How do I buy the tickets?
    A. You must show your Oregon Trail Card at the time of purchase and pay with cash or credit card. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card cannot be used for purchasing show tickets.

    Q. What tickets can I buy?
    A. You may purchase up to four tickets for each Downtown Series or Community Concert. (Not valid for special events.)

    Q. How soon before a performance may I buy tickets?
    A. You may purchase tickets within the 90 minutes prior to concert start times, based on availability.  Check concert date listings for availability.