Student Responsibilities

    Student Responsibilities

    At MYS we expect professionalism from our students through their preparation and participation. Please read your responsbilities below as an MYS member.

    Rehearsal Responsibilities

    • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled rehearsal time
    • Sign in with Group Manager to prevent from being marked late or absent
    • Bring a music stand, your music, a pencil, and anything else you might need to EVERY rehearsal
    • Respect the building and your fellow students: no running or disruptive behavior in the hallways
    • Morning Ensembles: Help with set-up of chairs
    • Afternoon Ensembles: Help with clean-up, put all chairs back on the chair rack, MYS music stands back on the stand rack, conductor podium returned to storage in Room 123.

    Concert Responsibilities

    • Arrive at call time in concert attire
    • Respect the building, stay in your designated area
    • Stay for the whole concert to show your support for other MYS students

    Home Practice Responsibilities

    • Rehearse your MYS music at home and come to rehearsal fully prepared. Your conductor may assign particular passages for you to work on.
    • Use of a metronome, an electronic tuner, and a sound recorder (to listen back to your practice session) are all recommended; all three are available as smartphone apps.
    • Students in intermediate and advanced ensembles are required to study with a private teacher. You should work on your MYS music with your teacher.

    Special Responsibilities of Percussionists

    • Have your own set of sticks and mallets that you bring to every rehearsal. We recommend a Vic Firth pack ($80 at Beacock or at other music stores or online) that includes:
    • two sets of snare sticks (SD1 and SD2)
    • a good general pair of yarn mallets (M3)
    • xylophone/glock mallets (M6)
    • staccato timpani sticks (T3)
    • a stick bag
    • Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled rehearsal time to set up percussion instruments
    • Respect MYS instruments
    • Help with returning the instruments back to the storage in Room 123 following the diagram
    • During Concert weekend, percussion students and parents are required to help with loading and unloading the U-Haul truck after Saturday rehearsal and at the Concert Venue.

    For any questions regarding your responsibilities, please email the Artistic Operations Director.