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Saturday • March 17, 2018 • 7:00pm

Featuring: Jazz Ensemble, MYSfits String Ensemble & MYSticks Percussion Ensemble



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LocationPSU Lincoln Recital Hall • 1620 SW Park Ave, Portland

At our Interconnected Concert Series, the audience will be encouraged to connect with the music and each other in two ways:

  1. Online: phones are allowed during the performance!! Use your connected device to enrich your enjoyment of the music. Examples: read the Wikipedia articles about the composers. Look up how a vibraphone is built. Livestream on your FB feed. Post on your favorite social media using the hashtag #playMYS, and tag Metropolitan Youth Symphony. Respond to your friends’ comments on your posts. Engage.
  2. Offline: we will have clipboards with blank pieces of paper, tons of crayons and pens. Turn off your phone and release your creativity. Paint, draw, doodle, sketch, write poems, write whatever comes to mind. Run out of paper? Grab more. Take your art home or gift it to MYS.