Studio Class Faculty 2020-21


Keiko Araki, Oregon Symphony

Casey Bozell, concertmaster, Newport Symphony

Chris Fotinakis, MYS Strings Coach, Interlude Orchestra

Marian Gutiérrez, MYS Portland Overture Strings Conductor

Nelly Kovalev, Concertmaster, Oregon Ballet Theater

Elizabeth Peyton, Oregon Ballet Theatre Orchestra

Chien Tan, principal second violin, Oregon Symphony

Lenka White, MYS Beginning Strings Instructor


Jennifer Arnold, Director of Artistic Planning & Orchestral Operations, Richmond Symphony

Kenji Bunch, Oregon Symphony

Kim Mai Nguyen

Brian Quincey, Oregon Symphony


Antoinette Gan, Oregon Symphony

Nancy Ives, principal, Oregon Symphony

Anne Sato, Portland Columbia Symphony

Avery Waite, performer, teacher and composer, Julliard trained


Braizahn Jones, assistant principal, Oregon Symphony


Alexandria Christy, MYS Symphonic Band Conductor

Karen Wagner, assistant principal oboe, Oregon Symphony


Richard Littledyke, MYS Concert Band Conductor

Casey Jones, principal trombone, Oregon Symphony

Faculty to be added as confirmed.