Downtown Series Concerts

COVID-19 Concert Attendance Policy

Audience Members:

  • All attendees must wear a mask.
  • Update: We are no longer requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend an MYS Community Concert or Downtown Concert.
  • Follow this link for more information about the Portland’5 COVID policy.

COVID-19 information for performing students may be found on the call sheets

From Portland’5 – For Events with Mask Requirement:

Face masks are required for entry. Masks must completely cover nose and mouth. Gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable. If wearing a face mask that does not comply with Metro policy, Portland’5 will provide a face mask for patrons. Masks must be worn at all times except while eating or drinking for brief periods. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking – masks must be worn between bites and sips.

This policy is subject to change. Updates will be posted on this page: