Audition Tips

Helpful tools for your MYS Audition

At MYS our goal is to make auditions as friendly and stress-free as possible. Auditions are a way to place you in the group that will give you the best musical training possible. Here are some suggestions on how to relieve the nerves before your audition.

Be prepared. This is the single most important thing you can do. Consistent daily practice is the way you get there.Warm up. If possible, warm up before you leave home. Warm-up rooms at the audition site are assigned 20-30 minutes before each audition. Woodwind players: evaluate the condition of the reed you’re currently using, and have a good spare with you.
Plan ahead. Make sure you have left yourself an adequate amount of time to prepare the music for the audition.Get a good night’s sleep, eat properly & keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate water.
Know the “big picture.” Listen to recordings of your piece and work with an accompanist if possible. Talk to your private teacher about different interpretations of various performances.Let your personality shine through. Show us your stuff – be musical and interesting in your playing. Sometimes in an audition, the adjudicators ask you to play something again with some sort of change (play louder/softer, play more staccato/legato). This is usually a chance for the adjudicators to see how you take correction, or to hear how you might play something differently.
Think positively. When you think about the audition, visualize yourself going into the room with confidence and hear yourself (in your mind) playing the best you can.Before you sightread: Check the key signature and the time signature.
Wear comfortable clothes. You don’t have to dress up for the audition, but do consider the impression you’ll be making on others. Wear clothes that make you feel positive about yourself, that are neat, and that are easy to play in.After the audition Be proud of yourself for getting up there and playing. It’s normal to get nervous at auditions, but the more experience you gain, the more confident you’ll be. Taking auditions gets easier with practice, just like everything else. Remember that at MYS, we are not looking for perfection, we’re looking for your potential.
Leave plenty of time. Make sure you have directions to the audition location. Allow adequate travel time so that you aren’t rushed to get there.

Have fun!

You’re taking the first step towards playing in a great group that will be an incredibly rewarding part of your life. Most MYS players continue with us for many years, developing lasting friendships and wonderful memories.