Italy Tour 2019

    Tour Payments

    The following non-refundable payments are due to MYS on the dates specified below.

    Total $3,900

    Note: a 3% processing fee is added to all payments made with a credit card.  Checks for the above amounts may be mailed before the respective due dates to MYS at 4800 SW Macadam Ave, Suite 105, Portland, OR  97239.

    Online Tour Forms

    Follow the links below for important online tour documents and information.

    Hard Copy Registration Forms

    A completed registration form, liability release form, and up-to-date medical form must be filled out for all travelers, if you do not register on-line.

    Informational Forms

    If you have questions about our flights, please contact Debbie Kutnyak at Beatty Group:  503-644-3340,

    Fundraising Forms