Music Theory

Music theory is the study of written and aural music. Studying music theory strengthens a musician’s ability to connect to and perform music. Our program is designed with a practical curriculum to directly strengthen students’ fundamental performance and sight reading skills at MYS.        

These optional classes encourage players to build upon their instrumental performance skills by learning more about the building blocks of music. Topics can include learning about clefs and key signatures, understanding intervals and chords structures, aural skills, and much more! Students will take an evaluation before their first day of class to assess their level. For questions about Music Theory, please contact our Artistic Operations Team.

Beginning Theory (1st year):
Students learn beginning music concepts like learning to read notes on the staff, clefs, counting simple rhythms and developing their ear to comprehend their musical abilities better. Designed for all beginner musicians.

Intermediate Theory (2nd year):
Students continue their written and aural knowledge by learning about intervals, chords, scales and harmonic relationships within musical context.  

Advanced Theory (3rd year):
Students learn complex concepts such as chord progressions, transposition, analysis and harmonizing melodies. They will also study musical forms and advanced aural skills such as melodic dictation and sight singing.  

Basic Composition (4th year):
This class is for our most advanced theory students who have demonstrated complex knowledge of musical concepts. In this class, students will create original music of various styles and ensembles. Composition is in collaboration with YCP; Young Composers Project. 

Tuition & Class Details

  • Music Theory tuition is $125 for the year
  • Classes will begin October 2, 2021
  • Class times/format TBD

Music Theory Registration will open soon!