Virtual Concert Recording Instructions

Click here for a printable recording day checklist!

Wear Concert Dress

Concert Dress for video recordings is all black. Details are outlined below. You can find photos of appropriate attire on page 5 (PDF pg 7) of the MYS Student Handbook

  • Black pants/skirt/dress that fully covers legs if they will be on camera
  • Black shoes and socks if they will show
  • Shirts/tops can be long or short sleeved with necklines above the collarbone. They should not have any writing/logo/decal etc or accent color. A black MYS t-shirt (available on our website) is the only acceptable exception.
  • Fabrics should be opaque (not sheer)

When you are recording

  1. Use your click track! (available on your ensemble’s Music Library page.) Videos made without click track are not usable and will not appear in the concert. 
  2. The “slate” is required. The “slate” is when the click track asks you to clap at the beginning of your recording. You must actually clap loudly and accurately. This is very important because it is used to line up your recording with everybody else’s. 
  3. Play the click track with headphones from a different device than you are using to record your performance
  4. Record your video using the ideal recording conditions that you found through the Recording Assignment in the Fall term (available here if you missed it).
  5. ALL videos should be recorded horizontally (landscape mode).

Where to submit recordings

When you are finished with your recordings, please follow these steps:

  1. Rename your file using this convention: Instrument (including part), Student Name, Piece Title
    • ex: Clarinet 1, John Smith, Mary Had a Little Lamb
    • For iphone/ipad users: you can change the file name of your video if you move the video to the “Files” app or if you export your video to a computer first!
  2. After you rename your file, re-watch the whole video so you are sure you are sending the correct file. 
  3. Visit your ensemble’s page on the MYS Music Library and click the button that matches the Piece Title for the video you’re uploading. 
    • Double check that you are uploading the right version of your video! Many students do multiple “takes” and then submit the wrong one


You can email Chris at with questions regarding recordings and video submissions. Musical questions should be directed to your conductor. Their email contact information can be found on page 1 (PDF pg 3) of the MYS Student Handbook.