Audition Requirements

Audition Guide

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Audition Guide

Guidelines for Auditions

All auditions will consist of:

  1. 2 Scales: if possible, 1 major and 1 minor (melodic or harmonic).
    Woodwinds and brass will be asked to play a chromatic scale, if possible.
  2. Prepare 4 minutes of solo repertoire: this may be one or two pieces, or multiple selections from the same piece. The music you choose should display contrasting styles and show your highest level of achievement.
  3. Sight-reading

All returning students, except those who are pre-registered for Symphony Orchestra or Symphonic Band, must audition.

Woodwind/Brass players: You can audition for jazz, band and/or orchestra! Please indicate your selection in the Audition Information Sheet before your audition! 

Percussion Auditions

Percussion Audition: MYS will provide a snare drum and xylophone for your audition. Students must bring their own sticks and other equipment they may require. 

ALL students will be asked to play a prepared solo (your choice) and a selection of rudiments (See below) on the snare drum. All rudiments should be played slow-fast-slow. They will also be asked to play scales and a prepared solo (your choice) on the xylophone. We will also ask for sight-reading on snare drum.

Snare Drum Rudiments:
o Double Stroke Roll
o Orchestral (multiple bounce) Roll
o Paradiddle
o Flam
o Flamtap

Beginning students: Prepared xylophone solo is optional. 

As MYS Percussionists, students are expected to bring their own set of sticks to every rehearsal. Conductors recommend that students purchase the Vic Firth pack for $80 (at Beacock Music) that includes two sets of snare sticks (SD1 and SD2), a pair of yarn mallets (M3), xylo/glock mallets (M6), staccato timpani sticks (T3), and a stick bag.

Jazz Auditions

Jazz Band (beginning/intermediate): A student in this group should know five major scales, a two-octave chromatic scale of their choice, and a transcription of a jazz solo of their choice. Sight-reading skills are also required.  

Jazz Ensemble (advanced): A student in this group should know all major scales and a two-octave chromatic scale. A jazz transcription of their choice plus good sight-reading and improvisation skills are required. Ability to improvise a melodic solo over a basic blues progression and repertoire with basic tonal centers (e.g.: ii-V-I).

Suggested Blues Examples:

  • Now’s the Time
  • Billie’s Bounce
  • Straight, No Chaser
  • Blue Monk
  • Bags’ Groove
  • Au Privave
  • Black-eyed Peas and Collard Greens (aka Blues in the Closet)

Suggested Basic Jazz Chord Progressions:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Satin Doll
  • Take the A Train
  • Scrapple from the Apple
  • Just Friends
  • Pent-Up House
  • Tune-Up

Drummers should demonstrate the following:

  • a swing beat: medium and fast tempo
  • Play a Bossa Nova or a Latin beat
  • Be able to sight-read basic jazz rhythms while playing a basic swing pattern/beat

*MYS will provide a drum kit for the audition, however students should bring their own sticks.