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REHEARSAL PLAN FOR MARCH 19, 2023 (sectionals!)

@ The Melody

  • 4:00pm-4:55pm – tutti (see parts assignments for detailed instrumentation. No low brass for concertos — if you don’t play the concertos you can come at 5pm)
    • Mozart Piano Concerto
    • Beethoven Piano Concerto
  • 5:05pm-5:55pm – sectionals (Faust Overture)
    • Violins & violas with me
    • Cellos & basses with David Eby
    • Winds and brass with Tristan Weitkamp
  • 6:05pm-7:00pm – sectionals (Faust Overture)
    • All strings with me
    • Woodwinds with Karen Wagner
    • Brass with JáTtik Clark

Part Assignments

I’m waiting on “leadership auditions” to create Bernstein assignments. Assignments for Faust Overture and the piano concertos can be accessed here.

LEADERSHIP AUDITIONS (optional) due March 24

I will hold voluntary leadership auditions this term for principal chairs. Record a video of 2 minutes (minimum) of your best playing. Any repertoire. Send to me directly by e-mail.


Go to our full season schedule here. Please mark your calendars very carefully for this term. Please note our weeknight and Saturday rehearsals on concert week.

Thank you, and see you Sunday!

Dr. G. 

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