Symphony Orchestra Notes – 10.25.22

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Dear MYS Symphony Orchestra,

Wow! You made me very proud in the way you worked with Oregon Symphony Music Director Laureate Carlos Kalmar. WAY TO GO! Sounded great. He was very impressed.


  • In the first half of rehearsal, we read Margot Pullen‘s untitled first draft. This is already a very detailed score, with wonderful textures and colors. We will perform this piece in our March 2023 concert.
  • We also rehearsed 3 out of the 5 YCP Dances for our current program: Courante, Minuet and Swinging 60’s. These are our final parts. Please add this music to your practicing (with a particular focus on getting things up to tempo).
  • After the break, we went over the 4th movement of Dvořák, and then you worked on it with Carlos Kalmar.
  • REMINDER: don’t forget to practice what we did in the last rehearsal during the first half of your week. Then, after Tuesday, you can focus on what we’re doing at the next rehearsal.


(see below in red for percussion)*

4:00pm-4:10pm – Project Back Pocket. No wheel-spinning, but I would love to hear 2 or 3 people, including winds, brass or percussion on Sunday! Also, keep it EASY, short (1 min), simple and effective. The goal of this is not to show off your chops, but to connect with a diverse audience.

4:10pm-4:45pm –  YCP: Waltz in C#, followed by Mississippi Reel.

4:45pm-5:30pm – Dvořák, Mov. 3

— break —

5:45pm-5:55pm – write on index cards for Nancy Ives

7:00pm – Dvořák, Mov. 1 and maybe 2.


Percussionists: you’ll be with the full orchestra the entire time this Sunday. Please make sure to GET THERE EARLY SO YOU CAN BE SET UP IN TIME FOR OUR 4PM START! I would recommend getting there at 3:30pm at the latest.


  • OMG IT’S CONCERT WEEK!! As I mentioned already, please double-check you have our weeknight and Saturday rehearsals on your calendars!!
  • Thu 11/10 and Fri 11/11, 7pm-9:30pm; Sat 11/12, 2pm-5pm
  • Soundcheck rehearsal and concert on 11/13 as per the call sheet.

Thank you, and happy practicing!

Dr. G. 

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