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RECAP (Jan 22)

  • We had full orchestra and sectional sessions, focusing on Cold Mountain Suite by Jennifer Higdon, beginning to m. 117 and m. 311 to the end.


We will have our second day of sectionals on Sunday 1/29.

  • 4:00pm-4:50pm:
    • tutti – Montgomery Variations by Margaret Bonds (read through all four movements).
    • Percussion with Kevin – include m. 177 of Cold Mountain Suite
  • 5:00pm-5:55pm: sectionals (Cold Mountain Suite)
    • Winds, brass + percussion with Tristan Weitkamp: m. 188 to 195, m. 202 to 209, m. 235 to 249, m. 299 w/ pick-up to 312.
    • cellos+bass with Marilyn de Oliveira – m. 188 to 290 as able (skip solos)
    • violins and violas with me: Cold Mountain Suite, m. m. 188 to 290 as able (skip solos)
  • 6:05pm-7:00pm: sectionals (Cold Mountain Suite)
    • all strings + percussion with me – m. 299 w/ pick-up to 312, m. 188 to 290 as able (skip solos)
    • woodwinds with Karen Wagner – m. 188 to 290 as able
    • brass with Joe Klause – whole piece, brass-heavy passages as needed

Part Assignments

Part assignments have been updated for flutes and clarinets. Please click the link on the sidebar to access the most recent roster (it should say “v4” on the upper right corner).


Go to our full season schedule here. Please mark your calendars very carefully for this term. Please note our weeknight and Saturday rehearsals on concert week.

Thank you, and see you Sunday!

Dr. G. 

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