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Hi everybody! Below is a recap of Sunday 9/17/23, as well as our rehearsal plan for 9/24/23.

Also, here’s my recommended practice strategy:

  • Between our Sunday rehearsal and whenever you get my weekly e-mail (usually Tuesdays), practice what we worked on in that last rehearsal.
  • Between whenever you get my e-mail and the following Sunday, practice what we will be doing in that next rehearsal.

Recap: 9/17/23

Music work

  • Dukas: read until 38
  • Dukas detailed work:
    • beginning to 6
    • 7 after 28 to 38 (working backwards)
  • Mussorgsky: read until H
  • Mussorgsky Detailed work:
    • Beginning to C

Individual and common goals

  • You wrote down 3 individual goals for you and 3 group goals for the orchestra. We split into small groups to discuss and share.
  • I’ll compile all the common goals into a single document.

Concert Cue Volunteers

  • Thank you to those of you who volunteered to annotate pieces on Concert Cue for our November concert. I’ll be in touch to schedule a “training” session (on Zoom). In the meantime, feel free to start researching the pieces, or listening to recordings and finding your favorite moments that you would like to highlight in real-time.
    • Mussorgsky – Dana
    • YCP – composers
    • Beauty and the Beast – Alice
    • Mermaid – Liam
    • Poor Unfortunate Souls – Violet
    • Dukas – Kate
    • Hisaishi – Adric

Rehearsal plan for 9/24/23


  • Read Hisaishi
  • Read Beauty and The Beast Suite


  • Dukas: #[38] to end of piece
  • If time allows: Mussorgsky, H to end of piece

Below is the information that I shared two weeks ago, for your convenience.

MYS Symphony Orchestra Schedule of Services, 2023-2024

  • Please take a few minutes to review the PDF linked below, and add all rehearsals and concerts to your personal and family calendars. Click the thumbnail to download the PDF.
  • All rehearsals will be at All Saints Church and School at 601 NE Cesar Chavez Blvd.

Season + Tour Repertoire

You can check out this season’s repertoire by clicking the thumbnail below. I’m very excited about everything we’re playing. This document is subject to changes, but it will likely stay this way.

Part Assignments

Up-to-date part assignments can be found by clicking on the link on the sidebar on the right (or the “quick links” towards the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile).

Happy practicing and see you Sunday!

Dr. G. 

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