Spring 2024 Part Assignments

Hi everybody,

I enjoyed spending most of my day yesterday listening to your auditions and working on creating part assignments for our June 16 concert.

Please click the button below to access the part assignments. Please let me know if you spot any errors or have any questions.

A few notes:

  • Some of these assignments were made with our summer tour in mind. A few woodwind players will be doubling other parts (like horn, trumpet, trombone). We will provide transposed parts whenever necessary.
  • In the winds and brass, if you see something like this: “1(alt),” that means this person is the “alternate player” for the part. They will learn and rehearse the part, but will not perform it in the concert, unless the primary player is absent.
  • Please note the program order, included in the part assignments document and also linked here. Write your name and the program order on each piece of music. For example, on my part for Capriccio Espagnol I would write: “Raúl – 4/6” (since it’s the 4th piece in the program out of 6).
  • Percussion is as of Thursday night. More soon!

Happy practicing and see you Sunday!

Dr. G.

Cellos! – “Rooted” on March 3, 2024 at the Newmark Theatre. Photo by Richard Kolbell.

Part Assignments for May 19 Concert

Part Assignments for March 5 Concert

Please note!!!

  • As of Jan 13, we haven’t received the rental materials for Margaret Bonds’ Montgomery Variations. As soon as we get the materials (next week), we will be able to double-check the actual instrumentation for the movements that we are playing (4 of them). This might have an impact on the actual final assignments.
  • The concerto competition is on January 29. We will know the piece and the actual instrumentation then.
  • Reminder: my part assignments or seating rosters are *not* rankings. Leadership is shared and rotated all year long.

Part Assignments for January 8 Concert